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Soul Cycle is a chain of cycling studios throughout the United States. None other than Villency Design Group designed the iconic and signature “Soul Cycle” bike. The Soul Cycle is one of the most advanced and coveted cycles on the market, known for its distinct yellow color, solid design, and unparal- leled comfort.

Innovative Design for Optimal Performance

The innovative design and construction of the Soul Cycle can be attributed to the expert engineering lead by Villency Design Group. The frame of the Soul Cycle is made from carbon steel and coated in the highest quality elec- trophoretic deposition (ED) coat. The elegant, solid body is then finished in the iconic Soul Cycle yellow color.

“Villency is the designer

 behind the iconic

 SoulCycle bike”

– Business Insider

The pedals of the Soul Cycle are dual binding. These pedals are the most advanced on the cycle market, providing high performance and an incomparable user experience.

Villency Design Group is always innovating, which is why we wanted to bring something new to the indoor cycling machine. The conventional seat utilized on indoor cycles can get uncomfortable due to its size, shape, and pressure. To combat this, we crafted the split seat. The Soul Cycle is the first indoor cycle machine to have a split seat, providing users with a comfort- able ride and less pressure.

Looking to add an additional workout to the Soul Cycle routine? The Soul Cycle, proudly engineered by Villency Design Group, is designed to optimize your exercise experience. Our machine offers customized weight holders to allow for easy access to dumbbells during the workout.

Lastly, the resistance knob has been engineered to accentuate your work- out. The knob allows you full control to amp up the resistance for a more intense ride, or cool down with it on lower setting.

The Soul Cycle can be found around the United States at Soul Cycle Stu- dios. These studios bring in thousands of riders each and every day to ride the coveted Soul Cycle. The Soul Cycle can also be purchased for personal use at the home.

Villency Design Group engineered and crafted the Soul Cycle to go above and beyond other cycles on the market. It has become a favorite of indoor cyclers all over the United States for its innovative design, smooth perfor- mance, and incredible results. Learn more about Soul Cycle on their website.


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