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The Peloton Cycle has revolutionized cardio machines around the world. Villency Design Group created this interactive exercise bike for Peloton, which has been dubbed by Men’s Health as the “best Cardio Machine on the planet ” in their annual fitness awards issue for 2015. The Peloton Cycle features carbon steel construction, an immersive and socially connected experience, and several addi- tional accessories to optimize the Peloton Cycle experience.

“best Cardio Machine
on the planet”

– Men’s Health

The carbon steel frame, constructed and designed by Villency De- sign Group, combines the strength and stability offered by carbon steel and aluminum with the elegant curves and revolutionary de- sign seen in Villency Design Group’s products. The Peloton Cycle is compact, taking up just a 4 ft. x 2 ft. area of space. We crafted the bike utilizing monocoque construction techniques, which are most commonly used in high performance automotive racing. The Peloton bike is solid, compact, and engineered to be exceptionally effective.

Interactive Exercise

The Peloton Cycle makes exercise interactive. We designed this bike with several innovative features to engage the rider, includ- ing a 21.5” full HD 1080p touch screen. This tablet allows users to take 10+ new live classes each day, allows riders in the home to easily switch accounts, video chat, follow other users, schedule their classes, share their workouts with friends on Facebook, and so much more. The Peloton Cycle connects to Wi-Fi, providing users with an immersive social exercise experience like no other.

Custom Accesories

Additional accessories were crafted to further improve the Peloton Cycle experience. Customized Peloton shoes with optional cleats have revolutionized indoor cycling, making for comfort and high performance while cycling. The sports mat protects floors from any wear and sweat that may occur while riding. The mat is easy to clean and made to perfectly compliment the Peloton Cycle. For an addi- tional upper body workout, the Peloton dumbbells help you go the extra mile. Lastly, the headphones were crafted to perfectly mesh with your Peloton bike. They allow the rider to sit and stand with ease while riding, avoiding the annoyance of having earphones that fall out mid-ride.

The Peloton Cycle goes above and beyond conventional home cy- cling equipment. Designed by Villency Design Group, every detail of the Peloton Cycle was crafted to yield an exceptional user ex- perience and undeniable workout. Learn more about the Peloton Cycle on their website.


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