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Villency Design Group has taken the active wear and performance apparel industry to a new level. We have created our own private label, “Feats-of- Strength”. Feats-of-Strength aspires to embody authenticity and evoke the unbridled joy and love of sport we all first experienced as children. It looks to bring back the basics of everything athletics and sports means to the athlete.

Our Partnership with Bloomingdales

Villency Design Group partnered exclusively with Bloomingdales to distribute this exclusive line of athletic wear. Athletic wear should embody the athlete’s authentic self. We created this line to meet the performance and comfort needs of athlete while achieving a streamlined look. The Feats-Of- Strength line was engineered just like our other products: to meet the high performance and design demands of Villency Design Group.

Our Performance and Active Wear Line

The performance and active wear line, available through the Bloomingda- les, has separate products designed for male and female athletes. Every- thing from the sports bras, hoodies, tanks, leggings, shorts, and pants is designed for optimal performance and style.

Check out Villency Design Group’s private label, Feats-of-Strength, available exclusively at Bloomingdales Department Stores.


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