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Villency Design Group produced technology designs for Ebay

Villency Design Group produces a range of technology products designed, engineered, and manufactured for Ebay’s customer activation initiatives. Working directly with Ebay and in conjunction with notable designers, we create an array of accessories that will both satisfy and impress Ebay’s cus- tomers.

The Design Process for Ebay

This product line went through the rigorous design and engineering pro- cess that all of our products go through while being developed. The end result of one of these product development initiatives was a holiday collec- tive of customized tech accessories that provide on-the-go battery charging. This included six versions, each featuring a uniquely impressive design from a top fashion designer. To achieve this, Villency Design Group worked with notable designers such as Thakoon, Badgley Mischka, and other exclusive, well-known brands.

Ebay Product Line

Other products designed and spearheaded by the Villency Design Group for Ebay have included a tote bag with a print from Richard Chai’s collec- tion, private label ear buds and a promotional “survival kit”. These popular items were functional, high performing and had brand recognition, leading to wildly successful results for the client.

As the leading consumer development product company in the United States, Villency Design Group has unparalleled access to the world’s best designers and engineers. We handle all aspects of design, production, and logistics, leading to the development of incredible products for our valued clients. Leading companies in all sectors come to Villency Design Group for our robust service and infrastructure capabilities. Contact Villency Design Group to learn more.


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